Equivocation and Faith

The N. Y. Times published an opinion piece by Linda Kinstler titled Can Silicon Valley Find God? Among other things, it includes a common example of an equivocation fallacy used by religious apologists. “It is difficult not to remark upon the fact that many of those beliefs, such as that advanced artificial intelligence could destroyContinue reading “Equivocation and Faith”

How do we manage a mountain of knowledge?

Keywords: tools of doubt, experts, peer review, amount of knowledge Try to imagine, if you can, how much knowledge there is in the world. Here’s an image I was given to try to illustrate how awesomely large the amount of knowledge is. Imagine collecting a set of textbooks that would give a reasonable overview ofContinue reading “How do we manage a mountain of knowledge?”

Proper Pronunciation and Suicide Prevention

Keywords: tools of doubt, communication, social courtesy, gender neutral pronouns, suicide prevention Do you get annoyed when someone corrects your pronunciation? If so, why? Correcting your pronunciation is a simple example of starting from doubt. Am I saying things properly? If not, then I can change what I do. I’m amazed at how often IContinue reading “Proper Pronunciation and Suicide Prevention”