Some insights into mathematicians

Keywords: social awkwardness, handedness, learning modes, conversation, methods of thinking I’m one of the fortunate people that have always had a direction in my life (as well as to have the ability to pursue that direction). When I set off for college, there was absolutely no doubt that I would major in math. By theContinue reading “Some insights into mathematicians”

Metrology Part II – How do I measure thee? Let me count the ways.

Keywords: measure, measurement, ISO, SI, units, derived units, metrology I’ve had various discussions about science where people have made statements like, “That can’t be measured” and “Science can’t tell us anything about that.” Since I have yet to be presented with a well-defined concept that science is not capable of analyzing (vs. necessarily already havingContinue reading “Metrology Part II – How do I measure thee? Let me count the ways.”

Just because it’s cool: The Gömböc

I was recently reminded of the gömböc (pronounced: ‘goemboets’). It is a three dimensional shape that, when placed on a flat surface always comes to rest in the same position no matter how you place it. More technically it is (the first known) homogenous object with one stable and one unstable equilibrium point. That’s prettyContinue reading “Just because it’s cool: The Gömböc”