The unhoused and their trash

Keywords: homeless, stress, mental health, housing first A recent letter to the editor of the Eugene Register-Guard asked what I assume is a common question about the unhoused. Why, when they establish camps. do they allow trash to accumulate around them; why do they seem to “choose” to live in their trash? If you liveContinue reading “The unhoused and their trash”

Liberation of doubt

Keywords: origin of morality, religious privilege, hate, good without god I had another letter to the editor published in the Eugene, OR Register-Guard on Dec 17. It was in response to Michael Gerson (who writes for The Washington Post.) His column, Hope doesn’t depend on us, was published in the Register-Guard on Dec 9. MyContinue reading “Liberation of doubt”

If you’re not Christian, why call it Christmas?

Keywords: Solstice, secular holidays, the “nones” Here’s a letter I had published in the Register Guard on Dec 30, 2019 with the title: Solstice is for everyone. It is an argument against the concept of a “secular Christmas”. As a reminder, roughly 30% of the U.S. and 70% of the world’s population are not Christian.Continue reading “If you’re not Christian, why call it Christmas?”

It’s slavery not “trafficking”

Keywords: human trafficking, sex trafficking, slavery, rape, child rape This is a letter I had published in the Eugene Register Guard Sep. 3, 2019, p. A6. The RG ran a series of articles on human “trafficking.” Someone pointed out to me that “trafficking” is a euphemism. Once it was pointed out, I couldn’t agree more.Continue reading “It’s slavery not “trafficking””

Disrespect for RBG by Another View

Keywords: RBG, after life, Judaism. Christian privilege This is a letter I had published in the Eugene Register Guard Sep. 27, 2020, p. 8A. On the 22nd, the Another View editorial cartoon showed Ruth Bader Ginsburg in judge’s ropes walking through the pearly gates on a floor of clouds. Interestingly, this was the first timeContinue reading “Disrespect for RBG by Another View”