Zoom Trolling YouTube Video

As with most groups, I moved the Eugene Atheist Pub Social I organize to online during COVID. The online meetings slowly devolved until I wasn’t getting very many regular attendees. I am pretty sure that this YouTube video was of the last Pub Social Zoom I did (or very nearly the last at least). IContinue reading “Zoom Trolling YouTube Video”

The Buy Nothing Project

For as many problems as the internet and Facebook have produced, they have also created some awesomeness – like the Buy Nothing Project. If you’ve never heard of it, it is a group of sites (quite often on Facebook) where things are offered up for free. It is not a bartering site – there isContinue reading “The Buy Nothing Project”

Cat Ladders and Pigeons

This is mostly just a fun, yet informative, note. I came across this article on cat ladders and was reminded of my previous house. When my ex-girlfriend and I went house hunting, the house we ended up buying was two stories with a full cohort of pigeons living on the roof. If you don’t know,Continue reading “Cat Ladders and Pigeons”

Lucy Diggs Slowe

Keywords: women’s’ studies, civil rights, feminism, mea culpas I came across Lucy Diggs Slowe in a N.Y. Times article Overlooked No More: Lucy Diggs Slowe, Scholar Who Persisted Against Racism and Sexism. From that article: “She influenced broad campaigns for racial equality, feminism, personal freedom and peace activism. She made it a priority to createContinue reading “Lucy Diggs Slowe”

Just because it’s awesome: Advances in space exploration

Over the last year there have been some awesome accomplishments in space. A few examples (there are many others): Retrieval of subsurface asteroid samples to earth by Japan’s Hayabusa2. The return of lunar samples by China’s Chang’e 5. The transport of humans to space for the first time by a non-governmental agency, Space X. AnContinue reading “Just because it’s awesome: Advances in space exploration”

Just because it’s cool: The Gömböc

I was recently reminded of the gömböc (pronounced: ‘goemboets’). It is a three dimensional shape that, when placed on a flat surface always comes to rest in the same position no matter how you place it. More technically it is (the first known) homogenous object with one stable and one unstable equilibrium point. That’s prettyContinue reading “Just because it’s cool: The Gömböc”

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin

Keywords: Astronomy, women scientists, glass ceiling (There are many influential people in history that are not generally known. Many such can arguably be said to have changed history because they doubted something and acted on that doubt. Here is someone I recently came across that I put in these categories.) I recently became aware ofContinue reading “Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin”

Just because it’s awesome: Crab nebula

(Curiosity goes hand-in-hand with doubt and leads to an ongoing discovery of awesome aspects of reality.) The Crab Nebula (catalogue designations M1, NGC 1952, Taurus A) is a supernova remnant in the constellation of Taurus (from Wikipedia.) There are (at least) two things I find awesome about this astronomical object. First, it “… is widelyContinue reading “Just because it’s awesome: Crab nebula”