Maria Sibylla Merian

Keywords: caterpillars, butterflies, women’s studies, women scientists, scientific method I first became aware of Maria Sibylla Merian decades ago at an exhibit of her artwork (in L.A.) She made meticulous and beautiful drawings of insects in their different life stages. I was more interested in her artwork at the time than her other accomplishments, butContinue reading “Maria Sibylla Merian”

Racism in technology – cameras

Keywords: technology, photography, Shirley cards One of the difficulties of recognizing systemic racism is that it can be very subtle and deeply ingrained – even in technology. One reason people may be reluctant to acknowledge systemic forms of racism is that they are not always a consequence of conscious efforts. (Some are, but not all.)Continue reading “Racism in technology – cameras”

Just because it’s cool: The Gömböc

I was recently reminded of the gömböc (pronounced: ‘goemboets’). It is a three dimensional shape that, when placed on a flat surface always comes to rest in the same position no matter how you place it. More technically it is (the first known) homogenous object with one stable and one unstable equilibrium point. That’s prettyContinue reading “Just because it’s cool: The Gömböc”

The Venus de Milo’s Arms

Keywords: drop spindle, spinning, cloth making, history of textiles, women’s history Not surprisingly, many pieces of art are much more impressive when seen in person than when seen as a picture. For me, this was especially true for the Venus de Milo. It is an absolutely gorgeous piece of art – even without her arms.Continue reading “The Venus de Milo’s Arms”