How difficult it is. To doubt all the time. To truly question everything. It is, in fact, impossible to do. I can’t doubt that the earth will hold me as I walk across it, else I can’t move. Neither do I have capacity to research everything. Yet to simply believe things without question often leads to bad decisions and worse actions. Indeed, at least to me, this is the primary reason to doubt. If I don’t question, for example, if some medical practice will cure or kill, then the potential for harm is great. But to not act also has the potential for great harm. And thus the moral dilemma: how do I decide what it is I do? Where’s the balance? How and when do you step past doubt and act? I certainly can’t answer these questions in their entirety or, even, for any individual. But in this blog I hope to address such questions both in terms of foundational principles and in terms of what people have done as a result of their doubting and as a result of their not doubting. It is intended to be a discussion of journeys that start from doubt.

Charles H. Jones, PhD

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