Zoom Trolling YouTube Video

As with most groups, I moved the Eugene Atheist Pub Social I organize to online during COVID. The online meetings slowly devolved until I wasn’t getting very many regular attendees. I am pretty sure that this YouTube video was of the last Pub Social Zoom I did (or very nearly the last at least). I didn’t have any regular attendees and when these trollers showed up I figured I’d mess with their Zoom bomb by not reacting. They recorded the session and included a clipped version in a YouTube video. At the very end, I am standing up to show them my skirt – bummed they didn’t show that part. In July 2022, someone tracked me down on Facebook to let me know about this. I think it’s hilarious as hell that I’m a YouTube video star and didn’t even know it. As of July 2022, over 54K views! The comments about me are quite complimentary. I had never heard of being called “da goat” before. (Greatest of All Times)

The part with me in it starts at about 3:09 minutes in.

Trolling Online ZOOM Classes *FUNNY*, Premiered on Youtube Oct 28, 2021.

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