The Buy Nothing Project

For as many problems as the internet and Facebook have produced, they have also created some awesomeness – like the Buy Nothing Project. If you’ve never heard of it, it is a group of sites (quite often on Facebook) where things are offered up for free. It is not a bartering site – there is no exchange of goods, services, or money. It’s a great way to get things reused, to help other people out, to get rid of stuff cluttering your house, or to get things you want or need for free. (My girlfriend actively uses it so we can attest to how well it works.)

As a recent N. Y. Times article points out, in addition to obvious stuff like kids clothes and furniture, the offers can be pretty weird – like pickle juice and dryer lint. And it’s quite surprising what people will take.

The groups are all local to encourage community and to facilitate pickup and delivery. It has grown to 6,700 independent Buy Nothing Facebook groups in 44 countries. How awesome is that!

(The cover image is from the Buy Nothing Project website.)

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