Solstice Banner Fundraiser Closeout

I want to thank everyone that donated to the Solstice Banner. I received enough donations to pay for this year’s installation. It is very validating to me that so many people have supported this project.

I started displaying the banner because a Jesus banner had been displayed annually. I felt that the secular community should be represented and I also felt it was worth reminding people that not everyone is Christian. But my opinion, as well as that of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), is that the public square is not the appropriate place for religious promotion. I have always said that I would stop displaying mine if they stopped displaying theirs. Well, the Jesus banner was not up this year. So, I will not be displaying the Solstice banner in 2021. If Jesus returns in 2021, I’ll follow up in 2022.

FFRF has been very supportive of this effort. They have provided the $500,000 liability insurance each year. They also provided the online donation mechanism in 2018 and 2020 and some funding the first year. Although I did not run a funding campaign in 2019, I had a few donations that year. If you’re interested, all told during the three years of display, including the costs to make the banner, my out of pocket expenses have been $155 out of a total of $1691 in expenses.

Thanks for the support!


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