Fundraiser – Eugene Solstice Banner

For the third year, I have displayed the Solstice Banner in Eugene, OR. It is on 8th Ave near Willamette. This is in direct response to the Jesus banner that is displayed annually. My and FFRF’s preference is that neither banner be displayed since we don’t think the public square is an appropriate place for religious displays. I will stop displaying mine if they stop displaying theirs. However, since a religious banner is displayed, I feel a solstice banner is needed to show support for the non-religious and to remind people that not everyone is Christian.

The cost of installation tripled this year due to the old installer retiring. I am looking to offset my costs ($637.45) via donations.

The main way of donating is through the Freedom From Religion Foundation site. In order for me to get the donations, YOU HAVE TO PUT “Eugene Solstice Banner” IN THE COMMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS BOX. This will also get you a receipt for tax deductible charitable donation. You can also mail a check to FFRF (see their website for the address) filled out to FFRF and again, indicating “Eugene Solstice Banner” on the check. If you donate through FFRF, I would appreciate you notifying me so I can keep track.

Otherwise you can donate to me the same way you have in the past. Anything sent directly to me will not receive a receipt for tax deductible charitable donation.

If I receive donations exceeding my costs, donations will be used for next years’ display.

I want to thank the City of Eugene for allowing this display without fuss. Other municipalities have had to be sued to allow secular displays. Also, secular holiday displays are sometimes vandalized. There really are people with religious privilege that actively discriminate against the non-religious. This is all the more reason for this banner.

Thanks and have a Sunny Solstice!

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